Geometricas Hot Springs

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The Geom├ętricas Hot Springs, anciently called Caj├│n Negro, are inmersed within the majestic beauty of the Villarica National Park, near the town of Co├▒aripe. These are the result of an ambitious project carried out by architect Germ├ín del Sol. By constructing with wood and noble materials, he sought to take nature into geometry so as to achieve a harmonious whole.

This new, original thermal complex is located next to the Aihu├ę stream, which has abundant water sources. One of its special features is the wooden footbridge that crosses by the entire center and is used to visit the ravine. Under this bridge, 450 meters below, thermal waters flow until arriving at different wells through a wooden gutter.


Basic Information

When to go
Year round. There is no central heating in Winter and it gets a little cold if snow falls. There's a transport service from Co├▒aripe to the thermal center that drives through the road to Villarica National Park.

How to get there
From Villarrica to the hot springs 56 miles (90 km). From Puc├│n, 32 miles (52 km).

The hot springs boast 16 separate thermal pools with water temperatures that vary between 95┬░F and 108┬░F (35┬░C and 42┬░C) and 4 fresh water pools. In addition, there are bathrooms, changing rooms, lockers, and an outdoor barbecue area that functions as a cafeteria. However, there are no facilities for accommodations so it is mainly a good choice for tourists coming from Puc├│n, Villarica , Lincanray or nearby tourist spots.

Water Type

Hyperthermic waters 95┬░ to 108┬░F (35┬║C and 42┬║C)

Stress relief.



Outdoor thermal baths.

Villarrica National Park.
Lican Ray.
Villarrica Volcano.

Baths and other thermal activities.

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Geometricas Hot Spring


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