Puritama Hotsprings

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 Puritama Hot Springs, indigenous word for "hot water", are located in the heart of the Atacama desert, more than 19 miles (30 km) North of San Pedro de Atacama, and 11,398 ft. (3,475 m) above sea level. The Town Council of Atacama took over the administration of these baths years ago and is currently in charge of maintaining the area's facilities. The baths have modern services, apt for rest and for travelers who wish to enjoy nature in an overwhelming desert landscape.


These waters are warm, refreshing, and revitalizing and flow up from the underground at temperatures near 91.4¬įF (33¬įC). ¬†¬† Puritama Hot Springs are sulfuric and recommended for the relief of rheumatic illnesses and to combat stress and fatigue.


The area surrounding   Puritama Hot Springs is famous around the world for its archeological deposits, especially San Pedro de Atacama which was declared a "Typical Zone" in 1980. Nearby, there are some misterious places to visit like the Moon Valley,  as well as unique landscapes such as the Atacama Salt Flat, famous handicraft towns like Toconao, and other fantastic places like Los Flamencos Reserve and the Tatio Geysers.

Basic Information

When to go
Year round

How to get there
Santiago - Antofagasta, 855 miles (1368 km) by highway, from Antofagasta to San Pedro de Atacama 219 miles (350 km) along a road that is in good condition. San Pedro de Atacama - Baths of Puritama, 19 miles (30 km) along a dirt road.

The thermal center is located on a ravine encircled by desert vegetation and boasts outdoor pools, a pool with a waterfall, sauna, baths that are connected to pools by wooden footbridges, and changing rooms.

Water Characteristics

Hypothermic waters (91.4¬ļF/33¬įC)

Rheumatic illnesses


Thermal Baths

San Pedro de Atacama
Moon Valley
Los Flamencos National Reserve
Tatio Geysers

Thermal baths and activities
Archaeological excursions, cultural tours

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