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Fishing Licenses in Chile

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In Chile, it has been necessary to establish sport fishing regulations, so as to protect and carry out a sustainable use of the country's natural resources. For this reason, it is compulsory for the practitioners of this sport to hold a license to fish in designated areas at specific times.

Fishing Licenses
Here is a summary of the current laws for the practice of sport fishing and Fishing Licenses in Chile.

The sport fishing license enables its holder to catch one or more species in a determined area according to the established rules. Licenses are granted by the Servicio Nacional de Pesca (Sernapesca); they are personal and non-transferable, and they must be carried during the practice of the sport, in case it is required by an official of the service, ad-honorem inspectors, or navy or police personnel, according to the jurisdiction of each of these institutions.

There are three types of license, according to the place where it is practiced: Continental Waters (comprising terrestrial and inland waters); Maritime Waters (comprising sea territory and the exclusive economic zone), and Protected Areas (Rivers Cuimilahue, Pescado and Sur).

The license will indicate the applicant's full name, identity card or passport number, nationality, allowed fishing areas, allowed species for capture, and other conditions for use. Licenses are valid for a year from date of issue. To obtain them, it is necessary to show your identity card or passport.

License Prices
According to the General Law of Fishing and Aquaculture and its modifications, any person who wishes to carry out sport fishing activities, must hold a license allowing him to do so, with the personal equipment established by the corresponding regulation. (D.S. Nº 539, from 1995, MINECON).

Sport fishing licenses may be acquired at the offices of SERNAPESCA and those places it determines. At present, there are two types of license: for Chilean citizens and for foreigners.

Continental Waters
I a IV $1.000 USD
V a VIII $1.500 USD
IX a XII $2.000 USD
Maritime Waters
Territorial Sea and the Chile's Exclusive Economic Zone. $1.000 USD
 Protected Areas
Rivers Cuimilahue, Pescado, and Sur, X Region.  $8.000  USD

  • Licenses are valid for one year since its issueing date.
  • The licence prices are subject to change semestrally according to the Índice de Precios al Consumidor (Consumer's Price Index) determined by the Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas y Censo (INE).
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