in this area you can find beautiful, natural attractions such as the Lircay River or the Los Coigües Gorge, or archaeological sites of interest such as La Piedra los Platos.

There are scenic spots in this reserve, especially near the rivers Lircay, Blanquillo and Claro, the latter boasting a beautiful waterfall. The Enladrillado sector is constantly visited by tourists wanting to see its peculiar rock formations shaped like bricks, which have helped to create myths and legends about their origins.

The view of Valle Nevado and the volcanoes is one of the most attractive. From there you will also be able to see the cattle grazing on the slopes. If you are lucky enough you will also see the Matuasto, a small Chilean lizard.

The Piedra de los Platos is another attraction you cannot miss, for its archaeological richness depicts the customs of the area's ancient inhabitants, with their who used their 'Piedras Tacitas' (carved stones). 

Altos del Lircay National Reserve map