Traveling is our country? Come and visit our craft and gastronomy markets, the perfect mix between the tasty and the local workforce.

In this article we will tell you about the markets of crafts, gastronomy, fruits and vegetables that you cannot miss if you travel to Chile.

1. Central Market - Santiago: Open all year to enjoy a rich cuisine with seafood such as seafood, fish, vegetables, empanadas and meats. It was declared a Historical Monument and is a mandatory stop for all travelers who come to know Santiago. Do you want to do this tour?

2. Angelmó - Puerto Montt: This cove blends gastronomy with local crafts (textiles, textiles and wood articles). We recommend you to have lunch here and try the sea products, such as the marine paila and many others...

3. Mercado Lillo - Castro: On the Island of Chiloé you will find this handicraft market in Castro. It is characterized by the "hadmade" of locals who have dedicated their lives to the fabric of natural wool, a process typical of southern Chile. Scarves, hats, vests, ponchos and socks are some of the items you'll find in the Lillo de Castro market. If you visit the Island of Chiloé, do not miss this tour.

4. Mercado Centenario - Iquique: It was built in 1930 and has a great gastronomic variety that includes seafood, vegetables and traditional Chilean dishes. But you will also find international dishes (Peru, Bolivia and Colombia) that show a very interesting cultural mix.

5. Fluvial Market - Valdivia: It is considered the place you cannot miss if you travel to Valdivia since it mixes handicrafts (handmade by locals) and gastronomy. It is located on the banks of the Valdivia River, so it is common to see sea lions that come to look for food.

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