Would you like to see the largest animal on Earth? Here we tell you which the best places to see whales in Chile are

The extensive Chilean coast has several privileged places to see whales. The largest animal on Earth, it visits our waters from December to May, during its journey from the tropics to the Antarctic, when it approaches the coast to feed itself. Those who have had the fortune to see these marine giants speak of an exciting experience, and there have been few. 43% of cetacean species walk through our waters, including the legendary blue whale, the humpback whale and the small minke.

Here we tell you which the best places in Chile to see them are:

1. Arica

From the imposing Morro de Arica, you can see how whales swim in the Pacific Ocean. But if you're looking to have them face to face, you can take a boat on the small dock that offers walks to observe these cetaceans, penguins, dolphins and sea lions.

2. Caleta Chañaral de Aceituno

At 120 km north of La Serena, fishermen take walks to see species such as the blue whale, the whale, the humpback and the minke, as well as sperm whales and dolphins.

3. Punta de Choros

In Punta de Choro is the Humboldt Penguin National Reserve, where fishermen guide tours to see mainly humpback whales.

4. Golfo de Corcovado

El Golfo de Corcovado and Chiloé are the most privileged areas of the entire Southern Hemisphere to see blue whales. In Tantauco Park, south of Chiloé you can do kayak expeditions to see these ocean giants that walk along the coasts of Queilén and Quellón. 25 km from Ancud, in Caleta Puñihuil, it is also possible to see them.

5. Melinka, in the archipelago of the Guaitecas

This small town in the Aysén region has become a new point of whale tourism, where in addition to the blue whale and the humpback whale, killer whales can be seen.

6. Francisco Coloane Marine Park

Humpback whales love the fjords, canals and the surrounding native forest of the Francisco Coloane marine park. Because of the geography of the place and the number of individuals who accustom it, a trip to this park will practically guarantee you to see one of these giants. 

7. Antarctica

 Antartica is one of the best places for whale watching in Chile. Every day zodiac boats sail, which are closer than any other boat in the country, to these intriguing animals. The humpback whale, the austral frank, the minke and the blue whale, are the ones that can be seen in these cold places.

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