Bahía Inglesa

It is a small holiday resort known for its white sand beaches and warm, calm waters. Its name remembers an English corsair named, Edward David, whose ship reached this coast in 1687. The beach is approximately 12 kms long.

Regarding accomodation, there are several options like cabins, campsites, houses, and hotels in Bahía Inglesa to be rented throughout the season. The local gastronomy is primarily based on seafood, the main varieties being oysters, flounders, and albacores. The most important restaurants and services are located in Caldera, just a couple of miles from the locale.

To get to Bahía Inglesa you must first get to  Copiapó, either renting a car or buying a plane ticket. From Copiapó you can also rent a car to get to this beach.

Basic Information

Location : Atacama Region, 80 km (50 mi) northeast of Copiapó. 6 km. (3.75 mi) south of Caldera.

When to go : Year-round.

Attractions : Beaches, culinary tour.

How to get there . From Santiago to Copiapó by airplane, public transportation or car. From Caldera by way of the Desierto de Atacama Airport, located 20 kms. south of the city of Caldera and 60 kms. from Copiapó. From Copiapo to Bahia Inglesa take the Panamerican Highway to the northeast, after 66 km there is a 6 km detour to Bahia Inglesa.

Services : Food, lodging, transportation, roads, restaurants.


The weather in this place is desertic, which means that throughout the year there is a very large temperature oscillation between day and night. The average annual temperatures are between 15° C and 3° C.

Stores in rural areas are open all day, but they close between 13.00 and 15.00. We advise you to carry local currency (Chilean pesos), since it isn’t possible to pay with debit or credit cards in kiosks and rural stores.

Do not throw garbage on the beaches, parks or streets. To take care of our environment is everyone's responsibility. Avoid fines by following the rules.


  • Astronomy
  • Mountainbike
  • Local Cuisine
  • Expedition
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking

Flora & Fauna in Bahia Inglesa (English Bay)

This is only a small presentation of flora & fauna you can find in Bahia Inglesa (English Bay)



  • Bahia Inglesa (English Bay)
  • Bahia Inglesa (English Bay)
  • Bahia Inglesa (English Bay)
  • Bahia Inglesa (English Bay)
  • Bahia Inglesa (English Bay)