The natural Monument Cerro Ñielol is a viewpoint that is located in the city of Temuco, this allows to see the whole city together with contemplating its natural beauty, flora and fauna.

This park has a surface area of 89.5 hectares (196.9 acres) and it is managed by Conaf. The information center will provide you with information about monument's protected areas. It also has four trails, children playground and a restaurant. The "La Patagua" area commemorates the negotiations between the Mapuches and the Chilean Army that took place in 1881, when the Mapuches turned over the land so the city could be built, promising to live in peace. There is also a Mapuche ceremonial and prayer center.

Location: Temuco, Región de la Araucanía.

When to go: Year round.

Cerro Ñielol Natural Monument map