Chiloé National Park is dominated by the Valdivian rain forest with a dense forest formed by trees, Evergreen, shrubs and climbing plants. In addition to the vegetation, its main attractions are the Cucao Lake, coastal dunes, and colonies of sea lions.

This park is situated in the western region of the Isla Grande de Chiloé, which is an extension of the divided coastal mountain range. Created in 1982, the park has an area of 43,057 hectares (94,725 acres) divided into two areas: Chepu (in the district of Ancud) and Abtao, which belongs to the districts of Castro, Chonchi, and Dalcahue.
The most attractive places in the park are the following: the Chanquín area, where lake Cucao and the coastal dunes are located; the mouth of the Abtao river and its diverse vegetation; Metalqui island and its colony of sea lions; the easily accessible Huelde lake and the Cole-Cole area, located north of Punta Huentemó, where there is a beach suitable for fishing, walking, and horseback-riding.

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  • Trekking Parque Nacional Chiloé

    Trekking Parque Nacional Chiloé8 Hours

    One of the best places of Chiloé is the Chiloé National Park. It is characterized by its green landscapes and nature trails, ideal…

    From:CLP$ 69.000

    From:US$ 115

  • Horseback Riding Chiloé National Park

    Horseback Riding Chiloé National Park5 Hours

    We will visit the villages of Huillinco and Cucao, located to the west of the Island of Chiloé and we finish with a horse ride by the…

    From:CLP$ 57.500

    From:US$ 90

  • Kayaking in Cucao Lake - Chiloé

    Kayaking in Cucao Lake - Chiloé3 Hours

    Come to sail in Kayac by Lake Cucao in Chiloé National Park. This lake is a glacial origin and together with Lake Huillinco form the…

    From:CLP$ 69.000

    From:US$ 115

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  • Hotel Tierra Chiloé

    Castro, at 16 mi from Chiloe National Park

    Hotel Tierra Chiloé

    Refugia Hotel is located on the Rilán Peninsula, only 18 kms (11 mi) away from Castro. Its two stories and its strategic location will…

    From:CLP$ 305.000

    From:US$ 600

  • Panamericana Hotel Ancud

    Ancud, at 20 mi from Chiloe National Park

    Panamericana Hotel Ancud

    In the Lakes Region of Chile and in the heart of Chiloé Island, cosy ocean view hotel, with 24 rooms, bar, restaurant and room service.…

    From:CLP$ 66.938

    From:US$ 113

  • Hotel Espejo De Luna

    Castro, at 30 mi from Chiloe National Park

    Hotel Espejo De Luna

    Located southeast of Castro, near Queilén, Espejo de Luna is a great quality tourist complex that features excellent relaxation options…

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