Easter Island, Juan Fernandez and Robinson Crusoe

Belonging to the Región de Valparaíso (V), Easter Island is the link between Chile and Polynesia, a place with beautiful landscapes, and with a culture and traditions of its own. Juan Fernández is a volcanic archipielago, apt for fishing, and famous for the island that gives name to the book "Robinson Crusoe". 

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Easter Island

Easter Island (Isla de Pascua)

Due to its its natural, historical and cultural manifestations, Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, is one of the most attractive places in the world. It is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, belonging to Oceania and to the insular territory of Chile at the same time.

It is important to remark that this is one of the few places where its native -or pascuense- culture is still present, and the locals have maintained their customs and traditions for centuries. The Moais, stone statues built hundreds of years ago, still stand unaffected, being one of the most distinctive features of the island. Fantasy and reality blend in Rapa Nui, a land that has given birth to a unique culture, which in turn has made Easter Island an invaluable treasure, both socially and archeologically.


Every year, thousands of tourists visit the island. People from all over the world come to discover its archaeological sites, to enjoy the beauty of the landscapes, and to get in touch with the culture and its traditions. All these factors made Unesco declare it a World Heritage Site in 1995.


Don’t miss Rapa Nui National Park, especially remarkable for its archaeological richness and mystery.


How to get there: Five hour flights from Santiago

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Juan Fernández

Juan Fernández Archipielago

Despite being geographically located in Oceania, Juan Fernández Archipielago belongs to the insular Chilean territory, just like Easter Island. It comprises the islands of Robinson Crusoe (formerly known as “Más a Tierra”) Alejandro Selkirk (Más Afuera), Santa Clara islet and other portions of land.


The archipielago has a volcanic origin and it is located in the Pacific Ocean, 667 kms (360Mi) away from Valparaíso. With only 500 inhabitants, its main economic activity is lobster fishing.


Robinson Crusoe is the only populated island in the archipielago, and its people descend from Spanish colonists. This is why they are bound to Chile, despite their geographical isolation.


In Robinson Crusoe you will find a number of historic and natural tourist attractions like Santa Bárbara fort, Cueva de los Patriotas (The Patriots’ Cave), the island’s graveyard, Selkirk’s Viewpoint, and Robinson’s Cave. You can get to them either walking, mule back riding, or by boat, depending on the place you want to go. You can also visit Archipiélago Juan Fernández National Park, and its own environmental information center.


The flora and fauna have an outstanding presence in the island. You will find species like luma, sandal, Juan Fernandez’s hummingbird, and the South American fur seal.


How to get there: 2-3 hour flight from Santiago or 25-72 hour sea voyage from Valparaíso, depending on the type of ship.  

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 What to See in Easter Island

  Easter Island  Robinson Crusoe Island
Rano Kau VolcanoJuan Fernández National Park
Tapati Rapa NuiPuerto Inglés
Rapa Nui National Park
Ahu Akahanga
Anakena Beach
Rano Raraku Volcano
Ahu Te Pito Kura
Te Pito o Te Henua



Featured Tourist Services in Easter Island and Juan Fernández

Easter Island Chile

Visit Rapa Nui
5 days / 4  nights

Get in touch with the Rapa Nui landscapes and world, its Moais, the Rano Kau Volcano and mucho more. 

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Hanga Roa Ecovillage & Spa Rapa Nui

Hotel Hanga Roa Ecovillage & Spa 

5 star hotel set on a unique landscape, the island's main promenade, overlooking the sea.

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Crusoe Island Resort in Juan Fernandez Chile

Crusoe Island Lodge
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Outdoor hotel that mixes tradition and modernity, with a great view of the sea and the archipielago.

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