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Rich in unexplored areas, Northern Patagonia covers the south end of the Región de Los Lagos and the region of Aysén in its entirety, going from Chaitén to the Southern Patagonian Ice Fields. The Carretera Austral (Austral Highway) crosses the area and it takes you to several fishing lodges, thermal springs, and several hotels that combine comfort and adventure.
You can visit the region with our tours and cruises. Also, if you want to go through Carretera Austral on your own there are several "self-drive" tours and car rental options. To get to Northern Patagonia and Carretera Austral you can buy a plane ticket in our flights section.


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Carretera Austral and Ruta 40

Carretera Austral mixes up with the Argentinean pampa in an amazing tour through the mythical Ruta 40.

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Puyuhuapi Lodge & Spa

Puyuhuapi Lodge & Spa

The relaxation of thermal springs mixed with the adrenaline of oudoor activities in northern Patagonia. 


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Carretera Austral Complete Tour

 Visit the ranching farms and beutiful attractions like the marble chapels and spending some time in Argentina.
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The Carretera Austral (Austral Highway) is one of the biggest human efforts to rule these lands. This highway begins in Puerto Montt and then takes you to Pumalín Park, a contentious foreign-owned private park aimed at maintaining and protecting biological variety. Through a side road from there you can travel to Futaleufú, an ideal place for lovers of kayaking and rafting. The river's white and stormy waters pack a whole challenge for the brave ones.


Going further south you will find the magnificent Queulat National Park, with a spectacular hanging glacier which is visible from the road. From Puyuhuapi town, near the limits of Queulat, and accessible only by sea or air, is the hot springs resort Termas de Puyuhuapi, a true paradise amidst the wilderness.
From this city, you can take a side road heading to Puerto Cisnes and another to Coyhaiquewhere El Fraile Ski Center just a few kilometers away. From there, you can travel along channels and fjords leading to an spectacular place: San Rafael Lagoon, where the San Rafael snowcap (San Valentín Ice Camp snowdrift) and the sea meet.
Keep steady on the road and you will reach the gorgeous Lake Elizalde and Lake General Carrera, the largest in the country. Here nature has created a wonderful and impressive phenomenon, the Marble chapels. Down the road you'll find the Baker river, a fisherman's paradise, whose source is located to the North of Cochrane city. At the end of a thousand-kilometer journey, the Austral road ends in the town of Villa O' Higgins, just a step away from Southern Patagonian Ice Field.


National Parks and Reserves
Laguna San Rafael National Park
Queulat  National Park
Cerro Castillo National Park
Futaleufú National Park
Palena Lake National Reserve
Simpson River National Reserve
Lakes and Landscape
Elizalde Lake
Carretera Austral
Ski Centers
Cerro El Fraile
Villa O'Higgins: Patagonia's Paradise Lost
Puerto Guadal and Lake General Carrera
San Rafael Lagoon: The Star of the Chilean Cruises
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