Chile Travel Guide

General Information
Chile is a very long and narrow country that stretches through the South American Pacific Coast. It borders with Peru to the North, Argentina to the East, and the Pacific Ocean to the West and the South. It acts as sovereign state in territories over three continents: South America, Oceania in four islands: Eastern Island, Juan Fernández, Sala y Gómez and Desventuradas and the Chilean Antartic Territory.

With a surface area of 756.626 square kilometres (472,569 sq. mi), Chile boasts 17 million inhabitants, 7 million of them within Santiago, the capital city. The ethnic origin of the population is mostly of mixed race, a combination of European and Indigenous descent. About 70% of chileans are practising catholics.
The country's native language is Spanish and its currency the Chilean peso. Both standard of living and economic growth rate are the highest all over Latin America and Chileans are friendly and amiable to foreigners. Adding to these features gorgeous landscapes and the most diverse rich wildlife, Chile is definitely an ideal destination for tourists from all corners of the world.