Created in 1988, this place has the particularity of having only one half green and the other rather white or bluish. This, due to the fact that 50% of its territory is covered with forest, Evergreen and larch, while the rest is area of rocks, snow, lagoons, lakes and glaciers.

Hornopiren National Park, created in 1988, boasts a surface of 48.232 hectares. It is located in the district of Hualaihue, Province of Palena. It includes the area of the Pacific Patagonian mountain range, where volcanoes Yates (2.187 meters) and Hornopiren (1.572 meters), and the watershed of the Negro River are located.
This park has about 3000 hectares of glacier fields. The vegetation covers almost 50% of the surface of the park, with a landscape molded by the volcanic activity and the glaciers. The remaining surface is covered by snow, lakes and lagoons, rocky zones and snowdrifts. From Hornopirén you will also have amazing views of the waters of rivers Blanco, Negro and the Lake General Pinto Concha.

Hornopirén National Park map