Iquique is considered one of the most important cities of the North of Chile. Get to know the historic centre, the archaeological remains and the famous for the exploitation of saltpeter Iquique surrounding.

Iquique is the capital of the region of Tarapacá and one of the most visited cities in the north of Chile. Famous for its nice beaches, ideal for surfers, bathers, and sportsmen in general, it has a free trade zone (Zofri), which due to its immense commercial activity has contributed to the development of the city and its historical district.

In the pampa, ghost towns like Humberstone Saltpeter Office will remind you of the golden age of saltpeter, while the presence of geoglyphs, petroglyphs, and rock paintings will give you a glymplse of the atacameño and aymara cultures. Other attractions are Volcán Isluga National Park, Mamiña Thermal Springs, both representative of the local natural beauty, and the town o fLa Tirana, where a huge religious celebration is held every year.

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