Isla Cachagua Natural Monument has a surface area of 89,5 hectares administered by Conaf. In its information you can find data about the region's protected areas. The monument also has four trails, children playground, and a restaurants.

Location : The Cachagua islet is located on the cachagua beach, approximately 100 mts away from the shore.

How to get there :

  • From Valparaíso: 75 kms through Ruta F-30-E.
  • From Viña del Mar: 66 km through Ruta F-30-E
  • From Santiago: 165 km through Ruta 5 norte, taking the Nogales exit (F-"0) and then Ruta F-30-E.

These roads will get you to Cachagua beach, for this monument is only open for research purpuses previously authorized by Conaf. Nevertheless, in Caleta Zapallar you can book boat rides, weather permitting, and sail around the islet to take pictures of the flora and fauna species present there.

Isla Cachagua Natural Monument map