This island is located at the mouth of Baker River, it is characterized by is smooth and low-altitude and without much vegetation. However, is a historical monument as one of the first traces of settlement in the area and also by the legend of the workers who came to the area and it ended up dying after experiencing strange symptoms that deteriorating them: bruises on the legs and arms, bleeding, bleeding from gums, headaches and other ailments.

The “Isla de los Muertos" is the oldest site with "Western" constructions known in Region XI and perhaps the most valuable historical site that currently exists in this region, where they are particularly scarce, due to the recent settlement and deterioration from the storms and fires, among the most important reasons.

It was declared a "historic monument" for its great cultural value to contain an ancient cemetery dating back to 1906, when about 120 "loggers" chilotes working for the "operating company of Baker" died of unknown causes. With its current 33 crosses, is testament to the respect that the community has had Tortel to this space for almost a century and the permanent damage caused by natural forces. It is not known what was the reason for the deaths that led to this cemetery and will probably never be known. Maybe other value constitutes the mystery of this place.

It is an excellent representative of special and interesting natural conditions found in the delta of Baker, the principal river of Chile. Summarized here, in addition to its fluvial geomorphological constitution, existing biomes in the district, producing a beautiful setting of forest in a cold environment superb landscape of mountain ranges and glaciers, which, apart from the value of its own, further enhances the mystery of what happened there.

Isla de los Muertos map