Laguna San Rafael National Park is characterized by the northern ice fields that give rise to rivers, lakes and glaciers.

With 1.742.000 hectares (3,832,400 acres), this park is the largest in Aysén and it includes the entire Northern Patagonian Ice Fields (Campos de Hielo Norte), where countless rivers and lakes are born. The tallest peak in the Southern Andes, Mount San Valentín (4,058 m or 13,310 ft), is located in the park.

The ice field extends over this mountain and the surrounding hills, giving birth to 19 glaciers. San Rafael Glacier is one of the most impressive, hence why it gives its name to the park. One of the most spectacular sights is the blocks of ice breaking off the glaciers and falling into the lake with a thunderous roar.

Although the glaciers and the lake are the park's major attractions, it also shelters a rich variety of both water and land birds. Some notable species include the black-browed albatross, huala duck, black-necked swan, and the cormorant, among many others. You can also observe dolphins, fur seals, chungungos, and elephant seals.

Laguna San Rafael National Park map