The Laguna Torca National Reserve represents one of the most important humid environments of the central zone of the country.

This is a little reserve, extending 604 hectares (1,328 acres), where you will find two well defined sectors. The first corresponds to the Torca Lagoon area, where you can find around 106 species of birds (black-necked swan and coscoroba, white-tufted grebe, coot, etc.) The second is the Llico forest, an area which was reforested with exotic species to prevent the dunes from advancing. The characteristic feature of this zone is the variety of fauna here. Along with the many species of birds the lagoon is populated with fish such as the liza, pejerrey chileno and argentino (types of mackerel), tench, and carp. From the animal kingdom, the most observed species are the coupu, fox, and quique.

Laguna Torca National Reserve map