n the middle of the Atacama desert lies the Pukará de Lasana, which is a fortress built in the 12th century. It was declared a National Monument for its achitecture and cultural importance.

The National Monument of Lasana Pukara is a pre-Columbian fortress that was built on top of a cliff next to the Loa River. It is located next to the town of the same name. Built around the 12th century as a town-fortress, it currently preserves its old architecture of narrow streets, rectangular and circular buildings made of stone.

The houses vary in size and design, but most of them had storage silos for keeping food products like corn, meat, and some herbs.

Location: Región de Antofagasta, 258 km (161.25 mi) northwest of the city of Antofagasta, 45 kms north of Calama, and 10 kms northeast of San Francisco de Chiu Chiu.

Lasana Pukara map