The Mamiña hot springs, in the middle of the Atacama desert are an ancient pre-Inca Indian settlement. Relax and benefit from the therapeutic waters that are born of the Chilean altiplano.

According to archaeological studies, the Mamiña Hot Springs are located in what is believed to be an ancient pre-Incan settlement in the North of Chile. These springs are an excellent choice for those who enjoy being around nature and adventure, under the sun and immersed in desert landscapes. Placed high above a valley, visitors have a privileged overview of the hills that provide the lovely backdrop for the ravine below.

There is a legend that tells the story of the only daughter of an Inca chief whose vision was restored upon bathing in these waters, famous by its therapeutic properties. To honor this miracle, the father demanded that the valley was named "Niña de mis ojos" (Girl of my Eyes), or "Mamiña". This region has been occupied by settlers since before the Inca domination and, up to this day, constructions that date back to the Colonial Spanish era are still standing.

Farming in this region is still done in the traditional Andean style with staircase terraces, where vegetables, alfalfa and fruits are mostly grown. The region's inhabitants are descendants of the Aymarás and Quechua people of long ago, and are very attached to their ancestral customs and traditions.

Mamiña Hot Springs map