National Parks in Chile




1. Lauca13. Las Palmas de Cocalàn25. Hornopirén
2. Volcán Isluga14. Radal Siete Tazas26. Corcovado
3. Salar de Huasco15. Laguna del Laja27. Chiloé
4. Llullaillaco16. Nahuelbuta28.  Queulat
5. Morro Moreno17. Tolhuaca29. Isla Guamplín
6. Pan de Azúcar18. Conguillío30. Isla Magdalena
7. Nevado de Tres Cruces19. Huerquehue31. Laguna San Rafael
8. Llanos de Challe20. Villarrica32. Bernardo O´Higgins
9. Bosque Fray Jorge21. Alerce Costero33. Torres del Paine
10. Arch. Juan Fernández22. Puyehue34. Pali Aike
11. La Campana23. Vicente Pérez Rosales35. Alberto Angostini
12. Rapa Nui24. Alerce Andino36. Cabo de Hornos


National Parks Chile

National Parks are usually extensive areas where unique, diverse biological environments interact. They have not been significantly altered by human action and are capable of self-perpetuating. Because of their unique features they are of special educational, scientific, or recreational interest. 
The objective behind protecting these areas is to preserve Chile's environmental varieties, to allow for the continuity of evolutionary processes, and if possible, develop the realization of educational, investigative, and recreational activities.


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