Futaleufu National Reserve

Futaleufú National Reserve ChileThe Futaleufu National Reserve, managed by CONAF, boasts a surface area of 12,065 hectares (28,956 acres). It was created to protect the Chilean cedar tree species (Austrocedrus chilensis) and the Huemul (Hipocalemus bisulcus)
The Reserve, which shares a border with Argentina, is characterized by forests of coigüe, lenga, and Chilean cedar trees and vast areas of brushwood due to fires that occurred around the middle of last century. Despite the relatively small size of the Reserve and being surrounded by farming areas, the bio diversity of vertebrate animals is prominent. There is a strong presence of endangered and vulnerable species such as the huemul, quirquincho (pichi), vizcacha, Argentine mountain cat, condor, or amphibian species unique to the region.
In the 10th Region of The Lakes, Palena Province, 5 km. (3 miles) from Futaleufu and 101 km (63 mi) north of Palena.
How to get there
You can access the Reserve through Futaleufu going 5 km (3 miles) along a gravel road. Then you must continue on horseback.
When to go
Year round.
Other nearby attractions
Futaleufu, Futaleufu River, Espolon Lake, Lonconao Lake, Los Alerces Argentina Park.
Horseback riding, hiking, rafting, river kayaking, flora and fauna observation, fishing, photography.
The weather in this region is characterized by a rise in precipitation, so much so that not one month goes dry. The average temperature reaches only 11°C (52°F), which does not correspond to warmer climates.
Road, transportation, park rangers, accommodations, camping.
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