Ski Season in Valle Nevado Information

valle-nevado-chile-4Valle Nevado Ski Center is glad to inform that, due to the snow fallen last week, the ski season 2011 has officialy begun, starting on Saturday, July, 2.
Even though the hotel is not open yet, the trails are open for one-day-skiers, apartment tenants, and general tourists, with the following considerations:

Skiable areas
(Low areas only)
  • Trails: Camino Bajo, Diablada, Retorno Medio, Retorno Bajo, Cuando, Carrusel, Escuela (Magic Carpet).
  • Chairlifts: Mirador, Prado, Vaivén, Carrusel, Magic Carpet.
  • The trails are operational starting on the date mentioned above.

Restaurants & Bars:
  • Slalom, Don Giovanni, Bar Lunge, Kioskos (creperié + Panini).
  • Baja Zero restaurant is not open.

Parking & Services:
  • Platform area: Sprung, ticket office, equipment rental, school, stores (except Bajo Zero)
  • Clinic: open only in Curve 17.
  • Hotels: closed.

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