The area of the volcano Ojos del Salado is one of the most unexplored in the Chilean altiplano. It is characterized by the existence of volcanoes that exceed the 6000 meters and archaeological remains that were found at high altitudes.

Ojos del Salado Volcano is not only the highest peak of the Chilean Andes: 22,600 feet (6,893 meters) above sea level, but it is also the highest active volcano on earth, presenting a challenge to mountain climbers. It has two shelters, the first is located at 16,830 feet (5,100 mt) and the second at 18,975 feet (5,750 mt), making this difficult ascent a little easier for adventurers.

Despite there are fumaroles on its peak, there have not been eruptions in recent times. It has been suggested that the lack of eruption records is due to the remoteness and inaccessibility of the mountain, virtually impossible to reach until not long ago.

The ascension is relatively easy, except for the final stretch, where the use of strings and climbing gear is compulsory.

Ojos del Salado Volcano map