The Pan de Azúcar National Park is located on the North coast of the Atacama Region. It is characterized by its flora and fauna endemic, penguins, archaeological remains and the beautiful beaches surrounding it.

Pan de Azúcar National Park has a surface area of 43,769 hectares (96,291 acres), of which, 11.790 belong to the region of Antofagasta, and 31.964 to the region of Atacama. 110 hectares correspond to an insular area, made up by Pan de Azúcar Island, Las Chatas Islets, and emerging rocks called Las Mariposas. The park is characterized by its abundance of flora and fauna, and its Humboldt penguin colony on Pan de Azúcar island. It is also an area of great archeological and historical richness.

There are several hotels in nearby areas, such as Copiapó and Caldera. You can get to them buying a plane ticket in our flights section. To get to Pan de Azúcar we suggest you to rent a car.

Location: Región de Atacama, 194 km (122 mi) north of Copiapó. 30 km (19 MI) south of Chañaral.You can only enter the park through tourist operators or in private vehicle.

Pan de Azúcar National Park map