Indomitable, different and sustainable are some of the characteristics of the Patagonia Park in the Region of Aysen. Live this experience... feel the depth of nature in the lands most southern continent.

This is one of the wildest places you will find in Aysén Patagonia. It is here where you can live one of the last wild experiences of the continent, amidst forests, grasslands, native forests and huge wetlands. You will see animals that you will not find anywhere else in the world and panoramic views of snowy mountains, ice and contrasting ponds. An experience to recommend or just to go back.

The Patagonia Park was created with the objective of protecting and caring for the wild flora and fauna of Aysén Patagonia. It is born of Patagonian Conservation, which is a non-profit organization, which was created by Kris Tompkins in 2002 with the aim of preserving the Patagonian territory through the creation of different national parks.

The Patagonia Park is located south of the Jeinimeni Lake National Reserve, in the Chacabuco Valley. In 2004 the Tompkins Foundation purchased the Estancia Valle Chacabuco and with this the park was extended to 80 thousand hectares.

Patagonia Park map