Known internationally by surfers, Pichilemu ('small forest' in Mapudungún) is not only a sportsmen's paradise but it is also an attractive resort for sun worshippers, beach lovers and entertainment.

Although the water during the summer time very cold, the beaches are packed with tourists and young people in search of a good time. The best beach for surfing, Punta de Lobos, is located several miles from the town itself. Its waves are high and regular, but what also stands out in this area is the beautiful view from the grandiose cliffs and rocks.

Gastronomy in the central zone of Chile, there is a wide choice of dishes throughout the year, you can't go in chile without having tasted the traditional Chilean empanadas or without having tasted a good vinochileno. The charquicán, casserole or the sopaipillas with pebre to spend the cold winter or preparations made from corn such as pastel de choclo and the tamales that are characteristic of summer. Also you can refresh with a good motto with huesillo peach and mote. 

You can also find a variety of fish and shellfish that are located along the Chilean coast. Stew of conger eel, clams with Parmesan cheese, shrimp empanadas and oysters PIL pil are just some of the dishes more characteristic and favourite of the country.

Pichilemu map