The biggest attractions of the Humboldt Penguin national reserve is to visit the crystalline beaches of Isla Damas and Punta de Choros, in addition to spot colonies of penguins that live on the coast.

This reserve, with an extension of 859.3 hectares (1,890 acres), is formed by three islands: Damas and Choros in the northern part of the region, and the Chañaral de Aceituno island, in the southern part.

There is a large variety of fauna on these islands, but perhaps their most well-known inhabitants are the Humboldt penguins, endemic to the current which gives them their name, and who nest on these islands. There is also an important colony of sea lions, chungungos, Magellanic penguins, llacas and bottle-nosed dolphins. The latter can be seen frequently around the Chañaral island. In the summer season it is possible to see some more occasional visitors around the islands: marine turtles, dolphins, whales, albatrosses and cormorants.

Damas island is the only place that has camping and picnicking facilities and to get there you have to contract the services of fishermen in the vicinity of Punta de Choros cove.

Pingüino de Humboldt National Reserve map