Pisco Elqui is a small town nestled in a hill. It retains its old architecture which can be seen in the houses and the chapel of our Lady of the Rosary. It is known for being a mystical area and own one of the most clear skies in the world for stargazing.

Pisco Elqui, located in Región de Coquimbo, 107 kms East of La Serena, is a small town set atop a hill in Elqui Valley. Originally named La Greda due to its location near Quebrada de la Greda, its name was then changed to Unión, and then to its current name in 1939.

The town maintains its antique architecture through its old houses and the Chapel "Nuestra Señora del Rosario", whose steeple is visible from far away. The Pisco Elqui property is located nearby. This is the oldest distillery of pisco (Chilean liquor similar to clear brandy) in the region and it can be visited through programmed tours.

Location : Región de Coquimbo 107 km (66.8 mi) east of La Serena. And 37 km (23 mi) east of Vicuña.

Pisco Elqui map