Pucón is located in the Region of Araucanía on the shores of Lake Villarrica and stands out as the most important Lake Resort of Chile. Surrounding areas have a lot of tourist attractions such as hot spring resorts, national parks, ski resorts, Mapuche communities, among others.

Pucón is a small town embedded in the Andes foothills, right beside the Villarrica volcano, this small town has become the top tourist resort of Southern Chile. This community boasts beautiful, natural attractions that are suited for practicing high-risk sports or for families to simply enjoy spending time together. The events that take place with the sole purpose to entertain visitors, are growing in spectacularity and participants year by year. Pucon is called "the capital of Southern Chile".

Location : La Araucanía Region, 112 km (70 mi) southeast of Temuco. 27 km (16.8 mi) east of Villarrica.

When to go : Year-round

Pucón map