Puyuhuapi hot springs are surrounded by a spectacular landscape of native forest and giant ferns. Its name means "place of puyes", a kind of very desirable fish by fishing enthusiasts, and its waters have their origin in the outcrops of the Melimeyu volcano.

Puyuhuapi Hot Springs are located 213 kms northeast of Coyhaique. This is one of the most important springs in Chile, and also one of the southernmost. Puyuhuapi is located within Dorita Bay of the Glacier Inlet, in the middle of the Chilean Patagonia and surrounded by a thrilling wildlife scenery of native forest and enourmous ferns. The name Puyuhuapi means "place of puyes", which is a species of fish that is greatly sought after by fishing lovers. The waters of the inlet are source of underground springs of the Melimeyu volcano.

Puyuhuapi Hot Springs map