It is characterized by the so-called "Evergreen forest", composed of coigüe, tepa and tepú, mainly, as well as enormous nalcas. Among its biggest attractions is the hanging glacier, impacting all tourists for its beauty and grandeur.

Located in the district of Puerto Cisnes, Queulat National Park has a surface of 154,093 hectares (339,004 acres) and is easily accessible. One of its most remarkable features is its evergreen forest, made up by species like coihue, tepa, tepuala, and Chilean rhubarbs. The fauna represented here is the pudú, kodkod, black woodpecker, caiquén, black-necked swan, coypu, chucao tapaculo, and ringed kingfisher, among others.

Among the natural attractions is the Hanging Glacier, discovered in 1875 by Captain Enrique Simpson. According to his descriptions, the glacier was originally 100 meters (328 ft) from the sea shore; now it is 7,800 mts (25,584 ft) away.

Lake Risopatrón, Tempanos lagoon, Queulat bay, Padre García and Cóndor waterfalls, are just some of the most beautiful sites in the park, all of which can be discovered by following some of the park's trails.

Queulat National Park map