Trekking is one of the favorite activities for those who visit the Radal siete Tazas National Park. It has water pools suitable for bathing and forests of oaks, coigües and Ñirre of different colors.

This is a gorgeous park with a surface area of 5,147.51 hectares (11,324.5 acres), whose major attraction is its 7 waterfalls and their respective ‘cups’ (tazas) that Claro de Molina river has carved over millions of years out of the basalt rock. This zone is an ecological transition between the draught-tolerant vegetation of the north and the more humid forests of the south. You will find various singing birds, such as thrush and tench, and predators like puma and leopardus colocolo.

Amongst the cypress and oak woods, you will also find traces of ancient nomad peoples and hunter-gatherers, like "piedra tacita" (stones used for the grinding of foodstuffs).

The park is an attractive destination for kayakers, who can navigate the rapids of the Claro river.

Radal Siete Tazas National Park map