Attractions Near Santiago

If you travel to Santiago de Chile you will find not only beautiful buildings, museums, or shopping centers, but also a variety of places to visit near the city, including ski centers, national parks, patrimony towns, amongst other options. You can visit most of these places in a tour or you can also rent a car and go by yourself.

Archeological and religious attractions

Nearby cities and towns



Trekking - Flora and Fauna (For more information: Trekking Guide and Flora and Fauna Guide):

The bordering area near Santiago, especially the Andean mountainside it's an ideal place for trekking as well staring and contemplating nature and its diversity.

Mountaneering (See more in our Mountaineering Guide)
Chile's Andean Range is about 4200 kilomoters long with heights surpassing the 6800 meters and many of its summits remain unexplored. These mountains and hills throughout the Central Valley are most valued by professional mountaneers.

Rock Climbing
(See more in Rock Climbing)
The goal of this sports is to climb solid rock walls with nothing more than you feet and hands. Broadly speaking, there are two types of climbing: Traditional Rock-Climbing and Sport Climbing. Next, are places in Santiago where you can practise this fascinating sport:

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Although most people associate Kayaking with vertigo and speed breaking through white waters across downstream rapids, this sport can also be practiced in the calmed waters of coasts and lakes. Some of the places you can practice this sport in Santiago are:

(See more in our Paragliding Guide)
Paragliding is considered an extreme sport par excellence. A paraglider is an ultra light parachute for foot-launched flights. Its flight aerodynamics are consecuence of the movement of airflows.  Recommended places to practice this sport are:

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Mountain Biking
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Rafting(See more in our Rafting Guide)

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Horseback Riding
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