Transportation in Santiago de Chile

There are several transportation options in Santiago de Chile, very varied and with different prices according to your requirements. Public transportation has a subterranean train (Metro), an intercity bus system (Transantiago), share taxis with fixed routes, and taxis which can take you wherever you want with a variable price. If you want to know about transportation outside Santiago you can visit our section Transportation in Chile.
If you want to know about flights in our country please check our guide for Santiago de Chile Airport.


Santiago Metro is a model of cleanliness and good service. It is fast, safe, and inexpensive means of transportation. The metro network is made of five interconnected lines:

The metro has a daily schedule from 05:40 to 23:00 on working days and from 06:30 to 23:00 on Saturdays. Sundays and holidays it operates from 08:00 to 10:30. Its fares change according to specific schedules based in the amount of traffic.
The ticket fare is paid with a "Bip!" card which is also used at the Transantiago transport system functioning all over the city. The Bip! card can be bought at any Metro ticket office and with the help of a card charger located inside each subway station. You can also buy a ticket with cash but it only allow a one-way trip only and exclusively inside the metro network.
For more information, please visit Santiago's Subway website.


transantiagoThe metropolitan transport system, Transantiago, couples together the use of urban buses (“micros”) and the metro system network. Transantiago functions with different travel zones marked with coloured borders and letters. Colours and letters are coupled and assigned to each bus to identify its corresponding zone. In turn, each bus carry passengers to metro stations and avenues where they can go up a "Troncal" (Main) bus which can cross through zones and travels by the main streets of Santiago.
When take a bus, it's very important to make to make a trip plan taking into account each origin/destination zone's color and letter. Fares paying method is by Bip! card exclusively and you can charge it in Metro statios or Bip! Offices distributed everywhere in Santiago.
For more information visit Transantiago's website.