The Socos hot springs is one of the most thermal resorts in the Region of Coquimbo and they are only 100 kilometers from La Serena. A particular feature of the waters of Socos hot springs is that they can be drinks naturally, with gas or with fruit flavors of Apple and Tangerine. This water, declared a "source of health", is available for sale by which visitors can carry a complement of your favorite water when you return home.

Socos Hot Springs are located in northern Chile, in Región of Coquimbo, 38 km  (24 mi.), Southeast of Ovalle. They have been one of the most popular hot springs in the area for over 50 years, boasting fully equipped facilities that include a swimming pool, sauna, bathtubs, and massage therapies.

This thermal center is situated next to an inlet, surrounded by the area's endemic vegetation that provides shelter against the sun's harmful rays that shine almost year round. This is the perfect place for sun worshippers who wish to enjoy the healthful benefits of thermal waters.

One particular feature at Socos Hot Springs is that its drinkable waters that can be ingested in its natural form, as soda water, or with apple and mandarin flavors. This water, declared a "source of health", can be sold to visitors who want to take some of it with them.

Socos Hot Springs map