The Salar de Tara is one of the attractions of the Chilean altiplano. You can see the Monks of the Pecan and the Ash Cathedrals.

Tara Salt Flat is located 4.300 mts (14.000 feet) msl, within Los Flamencos National Reserve, near the border point where Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina meet. Tara is set on the crater of Vilama Volcano and it has a rich ecosystem that houses several flora and fauna species, which make it an ideal spot for trekking and photography.

In Tara Salt Flat you can find a great variety of flamingoes as well as other species like Vicuna, Andean foxe, Andean Mountain Cavy, Tawny Tuco-Tuco, Andean Avocet, Puna Plover, Yellow-Billed Pintail, and Andean Geese. Flora is also varied with specimens like Coirón, Water Tola, and Tola Amaia, which you can observe on the slopes of the hills.

The greatest attraction in Tara is the Monjes de Pacana (Pacana Monks), giant vertical rocks that due to the wind erosion now resemble the silhouette of monks. They are located on a plain near Aguas Calientes Salt Flat. You will also find the Catedrales de Cenizas (Ash Cathedrals), geological formations made up by the ash coming from Llaima Volcano. They formed thousands of years ago during an eruption, and after years of being eroded they have acquired circular spiral shapes.

Tara Salt Flat map