he Geysers of the Tatio are the highest geometric field in the world, where water and steam sprout violently from the earth.

Located 89 kms from the city of San Pedro de Atacama and surrounded by an astonishing scenery of arid beauty, Tatio Geysers are a volcanic geothermal field, where water and steam columns spring up violently from deep under the ground. Set at a height of 4.000 mts msl (16.800 ft), these are the highest geysers in the world

Tatio Geysers reach their peak of activity between 5:30 am and 7:30 am, when water columns reach up to 10 meters (32.8 ft). This is why you must get up really early if you want to enjoy a good spectacle. Bear in mind that at that time the temperatures are extremely low, reaching up to -20°C so do not forget to wear thick, warm clothes

When it gets warmer you can bathe in the thermal pools near the geysers and visit the town of Machucha to relax for a while, go to the restroom, and enjoy a delicious llama kebab. 

Tatio Geysers map