The Villarrica National Park is characterized by the presence of the Lanin and Villarrica volcanoes, and the development of activities such as skiing and mountaineering. It is located in the Araucanía region in the Andes mountain range.

Situated on a lateral arm of the Andes mountain range, this park is characterized by its volcanoes, forests, caves, rivers and lagoons.

Dominating the landscape, the Villarrica volcano is its major attraction. At an altitude of 2,847 m (9,338 ft) above sea level, and with the reputation of being the most active volcano in South America, this volcano is the center of the tourist activity in the area. The volcano boasts a ski center and volcanic caves worth exploring. You can also climb up to the crater of the volcano to admire not only the boiling lava in the interior.

The park has an area of 63 thousand hectares (138,600 acres), with extensive forests of araucarias and lenga in the higher parts, and raulí, long-leafed mañío and coigüe in the lower parts. These forest zones are home to a variety of fauna, with species like pumas, grey and red foxes, pudúes, coipos, peucos, quiques, chingues and mountain monkeys, one of the three species of marsupials which exist in Chile.

Villarrica National Park map