Viña del Mar is one of the most tourist cities in Chile. Because of its proximity to Santiago, it is only 120 kilometres away by car. It is visited throughout the year by thousands of tourists, both Chilean and foreign. With Valparaiso they form an important tourist pole, where they mix good beaches, night entertainment, sporting activities and culture.

Viña del Mar is one of the most important tourist cities in Chile. Being only 120 kms away from Santiago, it is one of the favourite destinations for Santiaguinos but also for foreign tourists. Along with Valparaíso, these two cities make up an important tourist pole, with excellent beaches, a lively nightlife, sport activities, and culture.

Viña del Mar is located 213 kms away from Los Libertadores Border Crossing, on the border with Argentina. Because of this, the city's main tourist activity is to satisfy Chilean and Argentinean tourists by offering all the services and comforts possible, including 5 star hotels, hostels, tours, a varied gastronomic offer, bars, and discotheques.

Viña's city center was built around José Francisco Vergara square and the famous Valparaíso street. Its beautiful, 4 km promenade goes from Caleta Abarca to Ochoa. Along the avenue you can see majestic buildings, such as Club Árabe and Wülff Castle, with a traditional medieval style. After crossing Marga Marga stream you will get to Perú Avenue, a street with nice cafés and restaurants overlooking the shore.

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