Located in the middle of the Highlands, the Volcán Isluga National Park is characterized by being surrounded by volcanoes, lakes and sacred mounts of the aymara people. It is one of the areas with the greatest biodiversity of the Andean altiplano.

With an area of 174.744 hectares, Volcán Isluga National Park has a remarkable relief of heights and fabulous flora and fauna, that covers the pre-Andean area and the  Andean high pleateau. It is located in the Región de Tarapacá, 232 km. northeast of Iquique, and its average height is 4.000 mts. Tradition and modernity merge in this park, creating a unique environment. The park is open all year for tours and visits.

Located in Colchane, it features the hills Latarama, Tatajachura and Qinsacata (5207, 5252 and 5400 mts. respectively), and Isluga Volcano, which gives the name to the park.

Declared a National Park in 1967, it has bushes, cacti, qeuñoa, and high altitude flora, located in the Pre-Andean area. It is also possible to find flora in the high pleateau, with paja brava (Panicum prionitis) and moors over 4.000 in humid areas.

Volcán Isluga National Park map