Terms and Conditions of Sale

GoChile, through MARKETEROS TURISTICOS SPA., located in Santiago, Chile, is legally authorized to offer touristic services of lodging, ground transportation, excursions, tickets, air travel, cruises and vehicles for rent applying their functions as an online travel agency.

We work only as an intermediary between the supplier of services and/or the tour operator and the consumer or client, providing a consultation for the planning and purchase of your trip. The company does not have nor assume control over said suppliers. In this manner, our company is not responsible for any event in which the travelers are delayed, physical damages to their belongings and luggage, or that which may result in the fatality of a traveler due to the malpractices of the service providers, natural disasters, sickness, terrorism or any other unforseen instance.


GoChile reserves the right to modify or cancel hired services in the event of unforeseeable circumstances which put at risk the safety and physical integrity of travelers or in any instance of risk against the company. The company also reserves the right to modify or cancel any hired service in the case that the supplier, unilaterally, is obliged to do so.

The rates and current condiciones may vary without anticipated notice and are exclusively the responsibility of the supplier of the services. This includes everything explicitly indicated on our website www.gochile.cl , quotes are valid according to the indicated dates.

The rates are shown in American Dollars and in Chilean Pesos. Tourists and non-residents of Chile do not pay taxes in hotels if reservations are made in American Dollars. Chilean travelers and foreign residents in Chile must pay a 19% tax IVA. The exchange rate to use for the conversion of the American Dollar to the Chilean Peso will be the same used by LATAM Airlines Group which varies weekly.

GoChile reserves the right to adjust the prices in dollars without notice, to reflect the fluctuations of foregin currency. The company also reserves the right to withdraw a tour or portion of a tour, to make modifications in the itinerary when it is deemed necessary or advisable, reject/accept as a member of a tour any person in any moment and assume responsibility of the tour group of any expense or loss caused by delays or events out of their control.

In the moment of confirmation or payment of hired services to GoChile, the traveler accepts and is governed by the detailed policy above.

1.- Reservation of Services

Once the client receives the confirmation of the solicited services by a member of our team, they will be informed of the final date in which it is required to pay in full the total of the services, ending in the confirmation of the availability of the solicited service. In the case that the service is not paid within this date, the reservation will not be maintained and will be cancelled.

2.- Forms of Payment

All of the services offered through the website www.gochile.cl must be paid in full by the traveler once the reservation is confirmed, before the start date of the trip. Payment can be carried out by one of the following methods:

2.1.- Credit Card (vía paypal for foreigners and via webpay for Chileans or Chilean residents)

Once the tour service is confirmed by our team, we will send a link through paypal or webpay, which must be completed with the information of your credit card.

2.2.- Transfer or bank deposit

Once the tour service is confirmed by our team, you will be informed of the bank account information to realize the transfer or total deposit of the services. The additional expenses for international transfers is the responsibility of the traveler.

3.- Presentation of Vouchers

Once payment is received for 100% of the hired services, GoChile will send the clients vouchers or electronic coupons with all of the details of the services purchased (suppliers, addresses, dates, telephones, etc) which must be printed or saved in a cell phone and presented by the traveler to the supplier that corresponds to instance in which the corresponding service will be realized, whether it be hotel, transportation, guide, etc.

It is the responsibility of the client to verify the prices which include the totality of the hired services and that the pertinent information is adjusted to those services.

4.- Cancelation and Modification of Services

Any cancelation or modification of service must be realized through email sales@gochile.cl

If the reservation is cancelled or modified more than 30 days before the start date of the program, only a charge of 50 USD for administrative purposes will be covered and the rest of the total will be returned.

If the reservation is cancelled or modified between 15-30 days before the start date of the program, 75% of the total value of the reservation will be returned.

If the reservation is cancelled or modified between 7-14 days before the start of the trip, 50% of the total value of the reservation will be returned.

If the reservation is cancelled or modified with less than 7 days before the start date of the program, no money will be returned.

Regarding airline tickets, no money will be returned and changes are subject to the availability of the airline.

Note: There is special cancellation policy in the case of cruises or some hotels that will be communicated in the moment of confirmation of the reservation. There is no return for tourism services hired and not utilized, nor of food services.

5.- Cancelation of Services

GoChile is not responsible for the expenses that may occur to a traveler due to weather that affect the normal development of the hired services and that do not permit access to the location of the activity.

We recommend that travelers consider purchasing travel insurance. It is the responsibility of the travelers to obtain insurance that they consider suitable or necessary and it will always be their responsibility to rely on travel insurance held by a legal authority or regulation.

6.- Claims Policy

Travelers will have a period of 30 days maximum to place their claims. This period will begin from the date in which the event or situation of the claim occurred.

Claims must be realized by email to sales@gochile.cl. The claim must contain a detailed explanation and all documents or receipts necessary to support the claim must be attached.

The company will not consider claims received outside of this period.

Once the record is received, the corresponding investigation will begin to determine the accountability of the service provider.

Considering the above, all clients have the right without infringement to submit corresponding claims before a court of law or the administrative authority.

7.- Limitation of Liability

GoChile will not be held responsible for damages caused as a consequence of unsuitable services, on behalf of the suppliers, of the hired services. The liability extends exclusively to the process of the quote of services and issue of vouchers. In the case of non-compliance on the part of the service provider, in the use of services, the client must approach directly the service provider via judiciary or administration.

The traveler is responsible to have a valid ID or passport; have the correct papers in the event that they are required and fulfill the health requisites to enter the country in which they aim to visit; as well as any additional documentation.

GoChile will not be held responsible for any expense which occurs to a passenger as a result or consequence of a delay, loss or cancelation of a scheduled flight.