Terms and Conditions of Sale

Commercial Policies

1. GoChile, through GOTOLATIN TRAVEL S.A is legally allowed to market as a travel agency, acting as a reservations and sales center for hotel services, flight tickets, tours, land transport services, cruises and cars for rent.

Our company is located at 1954 Alfredo Barros Errázuriz Street, 8th floor, Office 810, Providencia District, Santiago de Chile. Telephone number is +562 2720 8300.

2. On responsibilities for service provision.

GoChile acts solely as an intermediary agent between passengers and service-providing companies (suppliers) which market through the website www.gochile.cl. Therefore, GoChile is not responsible for any event that causes physical or material damage to passenger's belongings, nor that causes death to a passenger as a result of negligence of service providers, natural catastrophes, terrorist actions or any kind of fortuitous event.

GoChile holds the right to modify or cancel hired services in case of major force reasons that put passenger's safety and physical integrity at risk. It also holds the right to modify or cancel any hired service in case the service provider unilaterally forces to do so.

At the moment of paying for services hired at GoChile, the passenger accepts and is governed by commercial policies as detailed in this document.

3. Payment methods.

All services offered at GoChile's website must be paid in advance once the reservation has been confirmed, prior starting the trip. Payment can be made by any of the next methods:

Credit card transaction: 

Once services have been confirmed, authorization will be requested to make the credit card transaction as indicated in the reservation form, according to the specified total amount, in order to proceed with the payment of hired services. Payments can be made using the next credit cards: American Express, Visa, Master Card or Diners Club. (See Credit Card Charge Authorization Form)

All credit card-related information and payment procedures are strictly confidential and protected by Comodo EV SSL Certificate.

Bank transfer: 

A bank transfer must be made to a current account in American Dollars ($US) or Chilean Pesos (CLP) as indicated to the customer at the moment of making a reservation.

Payment at GoChile offices: 

The hired service can be paid at our offices located on Alfredo Barros Errázuriz street, 1954, 8th floor, office 810, Providencia District, Santiago de Chile, from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 6:30 pm. We accept cash and checks payable on demand, drawn on a current account in a Chilean bank. In case of payment by checks, vouchers will be emitted once funds have been credited to GoChile's current account.

4. Service voucher delivery

Once payment for hired services has been received, GoChile will deliver service vouchers which the passenger must show to the service provider at the moment of delivering such services.

If payment is made remotely (by credit card or current account deposit) a link will be sent to the customer's e-mail address. This link will replace the voucher. In this instance, the customer has the obligation of printing the vouchers.

It is the customer's responsibility to check vouchers contain all the services hired and that the information within is in accordance to services estimated and hired by the customer.

5. Cancellation and modification of services policy

Cancellation and modification charge policy is as follows:

Applicable Cancellation and modification charges:

Days (Working days considered from trip start date) Charge
More than 30 days in advance US 50-dollar administration fee
Between 29 and 15 days in advance 25 percent of the amount paid
Between 14 y 07 days in advance 50 percent of the amount paid
Less than 6 days in advance prior to trip start date No refund of the amount paid

6.- As a recommendation passengers should always consider hiring a travel insurance.

It is their responsibility to hire insurances that they consider fit or necessary. Moreover, it will always be their responsibility to rely on a travel insurance demanded by any authority or legal disposition. Passengers must inform themselves about this last circumstance.

GoChile may, if requested by the passenger, provide detailed information on different travel insurances available within the market.

7.- Complaint Policy and Procedure

Complaints can be submitted up to 15 working days. This period will be considered from the date an event or situation, from which the complaint is based upon, took place.

Complaints must be submitted by sending an email at contacto@gochile.cl. A complaint must have a detailed explanation and must have attached any document or receipt that supports its claims. GoChile will not receive complaints made outside the mentioned period.

Once all precedents have been received, GoChile will conduct an investigation in order to determine the service provider’s responsibility.

All that, without any harm to the customer’s legal right to make such complaints before the Court of Justice or the administrative authority.

8.- Responsibility limits

GoChile will not be responsible for any harm caused to a passenger as a consequence of inadequate delivery of services hired from providers. GoChile’s responsibility extends exclusively to the process of services estimation and vouchers release. In case of non-fulfillment of service provision, committed by the service provider, the customer will have to address against it, either by judicial or administrative ways.