Come to know the National Park Huerquehue which is characterized by the presence of ancient Araucaria that are currently in danger of extinction.

A beautiful, pre-Andean park with an area of 12,500 hectares (27,500 acres), characterized by its mountainous geography and crystalline lakes and lagoons. Easily accessible in the summer, this park offers the visitor a wide range of recreational options, from simply admiring nature to camping and sport activities. There are some incredible views from the park, like the Pucon river to the Villarrica volcano. If you are lucky enough, you may even catch a glimpse of the majestic condor.

The park has amazingly beautiful areas, such as lakes Verde and Toro, Cañadón del río Renahue, Nevados River Valley, hills Quinchol and Araucano. With strong and steep gullies, the highest peaks are hills Araucano (2.000 mts), San Sebastián (1.800 mts), Picos de Caburga (1.600 mts), and Lolle (1.800 mts). 

There are also lagoons like Avutarda, Pehuén, Los Patos, Seca, Huerquehue, and Los Cóndores; rivers like Renahue, Lefincul, and Liucura; and streams like Playa Blanca, Pichiblanco, Follico, El Puma, and La Cascada. 

Huerquehue National Park map