Travel program for Pucón and surroundings in 6 days. We climb the Villarrica volcano, know the Ojos del Caburgua and geometric baths.

Day 1: Villarrica National Park - Pucón

Transfer: Airport in Temuco Hotel in Pucón

Tour through the Villarrica Volcano

  • Departure: 14:00
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Pickup / Dropoff: Hotel en Pucón

Tour to learn from the heights the impressive Villarrica volcano located 20 kilometers from Pucon. From the top you'll see a view of different lakes and other volcanoes in the Region of Araucania.

We depart from your hotel in Pucón at approximately 14:00 hours to the Villarrica volcano. Once there, we are going to make a gentle walk towards the base of Villarrica volcano, where you will have a privileged view of Villarrica, Colico, Caburgua and Calafquén lakes.

Then, a transfer will take us to the coffeshop of the Ski Center of the volcano at a height of 1441 msl. If it is summer season, there is very little snow and you can walk, but if it is winter, it is necessary to take the lift that will take you to the base of the volcano.

Upstairs there is about an hour to walk and if you wish, enjoy a picnic before returning to Pucón.

17:00: We will finish the tour and we will be back at your hotel in Pucón.

  • Physical
    Very low
  • Cultural
    Very low
  • Nature
    Very high

Day 2: Pucón - Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve

Huilo-Huilo Tour

  • Departure: 09:00
  • Duration: 10 hours
  • Includes: Boxlunch
  • Pickup / Dropoff: Hotel in Pucón

Visit the Huilo Huilo Biological Reservation in a complete tour that includes the waterfall and the enchanted forest. You will also visit villages like Lican Ray and finish at the Petermann Brewery.

We leave from your hotel at approximately 09:00 am and we head towards Villarrica where we can see the volcano Villarrica and the Llaima volcano. Then we will continue our trip with a stop in Lican Ray, a village on the shores of Lake Calafquén.

Later we will visit the volcanic race of Challupen, products of the impressive volcanic activity of Villarrica.

Then we will travel to Coñaripe to take the Seven Lakes Trail, which will take us to Huilo Huilo. On the route we stop at two lookout points, to enjoy our box lunch.

After arriving at the Huilo Huilo Biological Reservation we will walk until you reach its waterfall, where we can take pictures and walk in the middle of the forest.

 The trip will continue towards Puerto Fuy, where, if weather permits we can admire the Choshuenco volcano and its beautiful glacier.

On our way back to Pucón we stop at the Petermann Brewery, where we can make purchases.

17:00 hours: We will be back at your hotel.

  • Cultural
  • Nature
    Very high

Day 3: Geometricas Hot Springs - Pucón

Tour Geometric Hot Springs

  • Departure: 09:00
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Pickup / Dropoff: Hotel in Pucón

Come and enjoy the Geometric Thermal Springs that are naturally flowing in the middle of native forests of the Villarrica Volcano National Park.

We leave from your hotel at approximately 10:00 am in the direction of Lican Ray Spa. We will cross the lake Calafquén up to Coñaripe and then we will take the detour to Villarrica National Park until the sector Chinai.

The Geometric Spa has 17 stone pools filled with hot thermal water that flow naturally in a ravine in the middle of the native forests of the National Park Volcan Villarrica.

There are bathrooms, lockers and a barbecue area for eating sandwich, drinks, tea, coffee and hot chocolate. The thermal waters of the Geometric Thermal Spa have a moderate temperature (of 45 ° C) to high (89 ° C) and a moderately alkaline pH. Due to its high Ca contents are hard water and low alkalinity.

Because of their sodium content, chlorides and sulfates they are sulfate-chlorinated-sodium waters. Compared to the waters of other hot springs in the region they have relatively low SiO2, alkali metal content.

16:00 hours: We will be back at your hotel.

  • Nature
    Very high

Day 4: Huerquehue National Park - Pucón

Hiking through the Huerquehue National Park

  • Departure: 08:30
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Includes: Boxlunch
  • Pickup: Hotel in Pucón
  • Dropoff: Hote In Pucón

Come to know the Huerquehue National Park in an all day excursion that allows you to know the best landscapes of araucarias forests, waterfalls, lakes and lagoons of the Region of La Araucanía.

We will be at your hotel at 8:30 am to head northeast to Pucón, where it is only 35 kilometers from the Huerquehue National Park. This park has 12,500 almost virgin hectares of flora and native fauna. We can find araucarias, coihues, hualles, lingues and observe condor, pudúes and if we are lucky, pumas.

You can also see about 20 lagoons and waterfalls fed by the rivers and slopes of our Andes mountain range.

Lunch Box.

Later, we get to know the green lagoon, Toro lagoon and Chico Lake. In addition you can appreciate a panoramic view with Lake Tinquilco and Villarrica volcano.

This excursion can be done in winter and summer, but in winter it is necessary to use snowshoes because the road is snowy.

16:00: End of tour and return to your hotel.

  • Physical
  • Cultural
    Very low
  • Nature
    Very high

Day 5: Pucón - Ojos del Caburgua

Caburga and Palguín Tour

  • Departure: 09:00
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Includes: Boxlunch, Lunch
  • Pickup / Dropoff: Hotel in Pucón

We invite you to explore the surroundings of Pucón in a full day excursion which will take you to visit the Palguin waterfalls and the best places in Caburgua lake.

We leave from your hotel and we  head towards the sector of Palguín.

We will start the excursion walking a few meters through the forest until reaching the waterfalls of the Lion and China, which are 100 and 74 meters high respectively.

Then we go to the sector of Caburgua to admire the beauty of its lake, which drainage has created the Eyes of the Caburgua, beautiful wells of water of a vibrant blue color.

 We will be back at your hotel.

  • Physical
  • Nature
    Very high

Day 6: Departure Day

Transfer: Hotel in Pucón Airport in Temuco

At the agreed time we will stop by your hotel to take you directly to the Temuco Airport.

  • Transfer Temuco airport - hotel in Pucón.
  • Villarrica Volcano Tour (includes entrance).
  • Tour Huilo- Huilo Biological Reserve (Includes entrance).
  • Tour Geometric Hotsprings (Includes entrance).
  • Excursion to Huerquehue National Park (includes entrance).
  • Excursion to Ojos del Caburgua - (Includes entrance).
  • Excursions include guide and transportation insurance.
  • Transfer from hotel in Pucón to Temuco airport.
NOT Included
  • Everything that was not mentioned in the Itinerary.


Take shelter for the morning and sunset excursions, for the rest of the day wear light clothing and comfortable shoes.


  • Go Chile assumes no responsibility for unpredictable events that may affect the schedule or order of travel programs, such as those caused by weather conditions, road closures or safety measures established by public authorities.