Come and visit the city of Arica in the far north of Chile. Meet the Morro de Arica, the Church San Marcos and enjoy its beaches throughout the year.

The Big North is a vast stretch of land where the dryness and barrenness of the Atacama Desert is broken by the fertility and lushness of its valleys and oasis (such as Azapa Valley and Pica Oasis). The setting is enriched with biological diversity, mostly protected within the confines of both Lauca and Isluga National Parks and the Surire Salt Flat.

Come and discover Arica

What to do in Arica

These are some of the activities you can do in Arica.

  • City Tour around Arica and Surroundings

    City Tour around Arica and Surroundings5 Hours

    We will visit the Azapa Valley, famous for its olive plantations, mangoes and archaeological remains. Then we will do a city tour that…

    FromCLP $33.000per person

    FromUS$55per person

  • Tour Putre and Chungará lake

    Tour Putre and Chungará lake10 Hours

    Inserted in Lauca National Park, Lake Chungará has been declared a World Biosphere Reservation for its rich variety of flora and fauna.…

    FromCLP $61.000per person

    FromUS$100per person

  • Red Lagoon Tour

    Red Lagoon Tour12 Hours

    Can you imagine a red, yellow and a green lagoon? This spectacle of nature is just one of the wonders that you can see in this tour…

    FromCLP $97.000per person

    FromUS$160per person

Hotels in Arica

  • Apart Hotel Neruda

    Avda Pedro de Valdivia 164, Providencia, Santiago

    Apart Hotel Neruda

    Neruda Apart Hotel offers Furnished and fully equipped apartments located amid the entertaining Providencia neighbourhood.

    FromCLP $69.913



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