Come and visit the city of Arica in the far north of Chile. Meet the Morro de Arica, the Church San Marcos and enjoy its beaches throughout the year.

The Big North is a vast stretch of land where the dryness and barrenness of the Atacama Desert is broken by the fertility and lushness of its valleys and oasis (such as Azapa Valley and Pica Oasis). The setting is enriched with biological diversity, mostly protected within the confines of both Lauca and Isluga National Parks and the Surire Salt Flat.

Located in the mouth of Azapa Valley, a true oasis in the desert, Arica is the main port in the North of Chile. With idyllic beaches -with great waves for surfing- and a privileged weather, Arica is known as "the city of the eternal spring", being a sought after destination for tourists and business people.

Arica map