Bosque Fray Jorge National Park is a world biosphere reserve by having a Valdivian forest in a coastal desert area. A natural phenomenon that you won't find anywhere else in the Atacama desert.

This park, declared by UNESCO a World Biosphere Reserve, features an extraordinary natural phenomenon: it is a typical Valdivian forest situated in a coastal desert area. As the annual rainfall never exceeds 113mm (4.4 in), the existence of this forest depends entirely on the condensation of the coastal fog called camanchaca. In an area of approximately 400 hectares (880 acres) cinnamon trees, terabinth shrubs, tepa trees and a wide variety of ferns flourish, at 1,250 km (781 mi) away from where they normally grow.

Created in 1941, Fray Jorge Forest is a true natural relic, an hydrophile forest from the quaternary period. That is to say, this is a sample of what Atacama Desert was during the last glaciation, around 30.000 years ago, when the humid forest reached very low latitudes.

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