In the Tarapacá Region is the Salar de Huasco National Park, which is characterized by its arid landscapes typical of the Chilean highlands. You can visit from Iquique on a full day tour.

The Salar de Huasco National Park is located in the Chilean highlands 175 kilometers from Iquique, so it can be visited from the city on a full day tour.

The landscapes you will find are typical of the Andean zone of Chile, a place that was inhabited by the Aymara people who established a strong cultural and traditional connection with the flora and fauna. Even archaeological remains have been found in the Charcollo hill and you can see some ruins of the Tiahuanaco pre-Inca culture.

What most attract attention are its morphological and natural wonders, in addition you can see Chilean flamingos that reach the waters of the Salar to feed themselves.

Salar de Huasco National Park map