These are the must-see panoramas in Iquique, the city of the beaches and the good weather.

Its pleasant weather, beautiful beaches and a huge amount of tourist attractions, make Iquique one of the most striking places to visit on vacation. In this city and its surroundings, you can do extreme sports, relax in hot springs, see incredible landscapes and travel to the salty and pre-Columbian past.

Here we tell you what to do in Iquique:

Surf in Iquique: Iquique is one of the best destinations in Chile for surfing. Cavancha, its main beach, is chosen by beginners who seek to learn to master the surfboard, as well as experts who seek the wave of world fame called "the school", a perfect tube formation that allows surfers to perform impressive feats. The Huaiquique and Caramucho beaches are also a good option for surfers who are looking for sectors further away from the city.

Sandboarding in the dunes: the immense dunes of Cerro Dragón are the perfect setting for an afternoon of adventure sports, gliding through the sand on a board that can reach high speeds.

Fly in paragliding: if you are a person who likes more of the air, paragliding over one of the most beautiful beaches in Chile is the adventure for you. It is the ideal combination of adrenaline and relaxation!

See the red lagoon: did you know that in Chile there is a  blood-colored lagoon? It is shocking and something shuddering, like the legends that explain it. Located in the town of Camiña, it is known by locals as the "dead sea", as its temperatures of up to 50 ° C frighten any type of aquatic life.

Pisco sour in Pica: one of the must-sees of Iquique is to visit Pica. An oasis in the middle of the desert known for its natural pools of semi-thermal waters and exotic fruits such as mangoes, grapefruit, guava, oranges and of course, its famous pica lemons, with which the best pisco sour in Chile is prepared.

Isluga Volcano National Park: one of the most popular attractions of this beautiful park is the Puchuldiza geysers. Its waters, which sprout all day from the earth, form an iceberg by its side that is worth knowing. This place is also ideal for bird watching and other animals such as llamas and alpacas.

Quinoa fields: you have tried the quinoa, but have you ever seen where it comes from? On the road from Iquique to Colchane, you can see the crops of this plant. Beautiful red fields as photogenic as the fields of roses. On this route, it is also possible to see the world's largest geoglyph in a human figure and the most incredible giant cactus forest in Chile.

Visit the Humberstone Saltpeter: the former Humberstoneand Santa Laura saltpeter mines are perhaps the most popular tourist attraction in Iquique. Declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, they take you on an intense journey to the glorious past of the salt.

The Geoglyphs of Pintados: the geoglyphs are geometric figures, anthropomorphic or geomorphic, drawn on the slopes of hills or plains by pre-Columbian cultures between 900 and 1300 years ago and around Iquique, is the largest concentration of these in the world, the Salar Seco de Pintados.

Relax in the Mamiña hot springs: the waters of Mamiña are ranked among the best in the world for the treatment of skin and rheumatic diseases. Its hypertonic, hypo-thermal, sulfurous and sodium waters will not only relax you, but they will also heal you in the most natural way possible.

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