The Casablanca Valley produces the most important white wine of Chile and has become famous for wine tourism. A valley that from mountain to sea gives life to thousands of vineyards that can be visited by the day from Santiago.

Located only 80 km from Santiago and 41 km from Valparaiso, Casablanca Valley is one more of the "transverse valleys" crossing the center of Chile between the mountains and the sea, and owes its name to Santa Bárbara de Casablanca, wife of Spanish king Ferdinand VII.

Devoid of water, dams and reservoirs were built, which gave a new lease of life. Today it is one of the most important producer valleys of white wine in the country and has made wine tourism one of its strengths. If you want to drink a good glass of white wine, just walk through dozens of vineyards dedicated to its production, which are spread across the geography of Casablanca.

But besides wine, this valley is full of traditions and culture. The town of Casablanca has held an entertaining "traditional festival" for three years now, which takes place the first days of October and features folk performances of singers, typical meals and tours. Admission is free.

Casablanca Valley map