If you travel to Chile and want to do a wine tour, in this article we will tell you where you will find the best wine valleys.

The central zone of Chile is characterized by its vineyards, wineries and traditional houses that give life to green landscapes between valleys and hills. Here we will tell you what places you have to visit if you come to our country to taste our Chilean cuisine and wine.

1. Valle del Elqui: Going into the mountains and encountering green mountains loaded with vineyards is a visual spectacle that you cannot miss. In the Elqui Valley you will find villages such as Pisco Elqui, Vicuña and Montenegro with their typical churches and craft stalls. If you are on vacation in La Serena, Coquimbo, you can do an full day tour to the Elqui Valley.

2. Casablanca Valley: A few kilometers from Santiago is the Casablanca Valley that receives climatic influence from the sea, which makes it a very favorable area for good wine (export) and white grape production. Here you will find renowned vineyards such as Morandé, Veramonte, Concha y Toro, Santa Carolina among others. If you want to know this valley you can do our full day tour from Santiago

3. Maipo Valley: Located in the Metropolitan Region, a few kilometers from Santiago is the Maipo Valley, where the first vineyards in Chile were founded, favored by the soil and climatic conditions between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. .

4. Colchagua Valley: It is considered one of the richest agricultural areas of our country for the fertility of its soil and rugged slopes that make the growth of the vine conducive. It has been gaining tourist importance because of the great variety of vineyards that have their wineries and their plantations in this place, forming part of the "Wine Route". If you are traveling in Santiago and you want to know this valley, its vineyards and its main town (Santa Cruz), do not hesitate to do this tour that will show you the best of the Colchagua Valley.

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